The Joyous Meditation Teachings of Lorin Roche

Jayate-Arise, to be produced

bhaktyudrekād viraktasya yādṛśī jāyate matiḥ |
sā śaktiḥ śāṅkarī nityam bhavayet tāṃ tataḥ śivaḥ || 121 ||

A Sanskrit-English dictionary: etymologically and philologically ... - Page 1174
- 2005 - 1333 pages - Preview
f\ sam-pra-^jan, A. -jayate, to be produced, spring up, arise from (abl.), R.; Pancat.; to exist, be existent, Pancat.; to be born again, MBh. Sarn-prajata. rnfn. produced, arisen, MW.; (d), f. (a cow) which has calved, Gobh. ...
Sir Monier Monier-Williams

Jaayate Usage:
Vālmīki's Sanskrit - Page 300
- 2004 - 334 pages - Preview
As to the transitive use of jayate in Ram. II- VI I infer from the material available that there is no place where it must be ... I checked the references in PVV sv jan-jjdyate and in Bhatt's Pdda-index the padas beginning w ith jayate , ...
L.A.Van Daalen

A history of early Vedānta philosophy: Volume 2 - Page 353
- 1983 - 842 pages - Preview
This simile is often mentioned by the Madhyamikas. ahknro jayate bijad bijam tenaiva siicyate (Bodhicarydcatara. ... IX, 123) ; Srato vd panto vapi na kiflcid vastu jayate/ sad asat sadasad rapi na kificid vastn jayate/ ...

Hajime Nakamura
Śaivism in philosophical perspective: a study of the formative ... - Page 469
- 2001 - 687 pages - Preview
'anando brahma evaitaj jayate'smac-caracaram.' Acintyagama, ibid. p. 84 and identified in SB p. 160. All these citations repeat the ablative of the Taittiriya. 9. The entire discussion about the ablative case and its import by Umapati ...

K. Sivaraman
Mahabharata, Volume 7: Book 11: The Book of the Women Book 12: ...: Part 1 - Page 777
is to be applied: jayate: literally "it arises, comes into use. becomes suitable ." 1 60. 1 0. a mountain streaked with red veins of minerals: dhatuman iva parvatah. I agree with Nllakantha's suggestion that the streaks of (typically) ...
James L. Fitzgerald - 2003 - 848 pages -

The Bhagavad Gita: Volumes 1-2 - Page 104
- 292 pages - Preview
... ^STCJ dustdsu = (being) corrupt; hMm vdrsneya = O! descendent of the Vrsm'- clan (Vdrsneya); WT^ jayate = arises; ... and women being corrupted, O descendent of the Vrsni-clan, there arises "intermingling of castes" (Varna Sankara). ...

Swami Chinmayananda
The Vivekacūḍāmaṇi of Śaṅkarācārya Bhagavatpāda: an introduction ... - Page 177
, Śaṅkarācārya - 2004 - 292 pages - Preview
... I deha-vdsanayd jndnarh yathdvan-naiva jdyate II 272 II True wisdom never arises in a living being who has worldly ... jnanarh = wisdom; naiva jayate = never arises. samsdra-kdrdgrha-moksam-icchoh ayomayam pdda-nibandha-srrikhalam I ...

John A. Grimes
Texts in context: traditional hermeneutics in South Asia - Page 83
- 1992 - 324 pages - Google eBook - Preview
... the phrase "jnanat moksa," which editors have claimed derives from a sloka in the Santiparva of the Mahdbhdrata: "jnananmokso jayate" — liberation arises from knowledge. This sloka is found in the critical edition by Vishnu S. ...

Jeffrey Richard Timm
A Sanskrit primer - Page 46
, Georg Bühler - 1885 - 230 pages - Free Google eBook - Read
'^r^^ arthaya (denom. — arthd- I'JTO bhaq (bh&sate) speak yate) ask for (w. two accus.). Iks (iksate) see, behold. ifin^ kamp (kdmpate) tremble. 5f(. jan ( jayate) be born, arise, mr (mriyate) die. 7fc{ yat (ydtate) strive for (w. dat.) . ...

Edward Delavan Perry
The great epic of India: its character and origin - Page 12
- 1901 - 485 pages - Free Google eBook - Read
A noteworthy statement on disease is that of xii, 10, 9, which attributes all mental disease to the body and all bodily disease to the mind, manasaj jayate carirah (vyadhih), "bodily ailment arises from mental (ailment). ...

Edward Washburn Hopkins
Vedic Grammar - Page 328
Full view
tasmad apam taptanam pheno jayate therefore, when water is heated, foam arises ( 6b .) ; sa eta vipruso 'janayata ya imah. skuyamanasya vipravante he (Agni) produced those sparks ivhich dart about ivhen (the fire) -is stirred (MS. ...

The Sanskrit poems of Mayūra - Page 198
, Bāṇa, George Payn Quackenbos - 1917 - 362 pages - Free Google eBook - Read
In this connection the commentary quotes from an unnamed source the following verse : adityaj jayate vrstir vrster ... and the chief satisfaction of the gods [arises] from the comfort of their creatures ; so says revealed tradition. ...

Vālmīki's Sanskrit - Page 300
L.A.Van Daalen - 2004 - 334 pages - Preview
Anyhow he did not detect any cases of jayate, tr., in Ram. II. A short survey of the material as I have it: jayate and vijayate meaning 'to give birth to'; mss. not mentioned have variants not relevant to the present question. ...