The Joyous Meditation Teachings of Lorin Roche

Yaga-(yaagah) - Sacrifice

yāgo 'tra parameśāni tuṣṭir ānandalakṣaṇā |
kṣapaṇāt sarvapāpānāṃ trāṇāt sarvasya pārvati || 150 ||

Śaivāgamas: a study in the socio-economic ideas and institutions ... - Page 116
- 1990 - 304 pages - Preview
of Mahasanti Yaga (sacrifice for peace) to avert mishaps (apada) with the substances of sesamum, milk, clarified butter and candy and Cakrapuja (worship of the sacred wheel of Mothers) to ensure longevity, manliness and prosperity ...
V. N. Drabu

The Arthasaṁgraha of Laugākṣī Bhāskara - Page 228
, R. D. Karmarkar - 2007 - 294 pages - Preview
According to the theory of MImamsakas every portion of the Veda must subserve dharma or yaga or sacrifice. Only as being subservient to sacrifice can it be said to have a purpose (spt^) in the MImamsakas' scheme of things? ...
A. B. Gajendragadkar

Ancient Indian literature: an anthology: Volume 1 - Page 220
By mantra or by yaga (sacrifice) or by giving gifts, I should beget a son." Those two sages meditated for a while and then said : "O giver of honour, go to the river Gautami. There Lord Varuna will grant you your heart's desire. ...
T. R. S. Sharma, C. K. Seshadri, June Gaur - 2000 - 2125 pages -

Yoga morality: ancient teachings at a time of global crisis
- 2007 - 292 pages - Snippet view
It is often used in the sense of antar-yaga, or "inner sacrifice," which is the mental act of complete renunciation of all one's ... To explain the full meaning of Yoga as inner sacrifice and self-sacrifice is the purpose of the ...
Georg Feuerstein

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Purāṇas: Volume 1; Volume 5 - Page 1348
, Parmeshwaranand (Swami.) - 2001 - 1118 pages - Full view
Kasyapa once decided to perform a sacrifice. He made all preparations. But he did not get the required cow at the stipulated time. So he got the Homadhenu of Varuna by theft and began to perform the yaga (sacrifice). Varuna knew this. ...
Swami Parmeshwaranand

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Puranas: (A-C) ; 2.(D-H) ; 3.(I-L) ; ... - Page 764
- 2001 - Full view
The Ketaki lost its place among the best flowers from that day onwards. khandaparaSu Siva. A story occurs in Mahabharata stating how Siva got this name. The famous Daksa- yaga (sacrifice performed by Daksa) was performed at a time when ...
Swami Parmeshwaranand