The Joyous Meditation Teachings of Lorin Roche


vastvantare vedyamāne sarvavastuṣu śūnyatā |
tām eva manasā dhyātvā vidito 'pi praśāmyati || 122 ||

vedayit [p= 1016,3] [L=205935]
one who perceives or knows Kum.
(H2) mfn.

vedyā́ [p= 1017,2] [L=206077]
knowledge RV.
vedyayā [p= 1017,2] [L=206078]
instr. sg. (= nom.) and pl. " with knowledge " i.e. manifestly , actually , indeed ib.
vedyā́ [p= 1332,2] [L=339630]
accord. to some also, "art, dexterity &c ").
(H2) f.
(H2C) ind.
(H2) (
védya 1 [p= 1017,2] [L=206072]
notorious , famous , celebrated RV. AV.
1017,2] [L=206073]
S3vetUp. MBh. &c
1017,2] [L=206074]
MBh. Hariv. BhP.
1017,2] [L=206075]
veda MBh. (cf. g. gav-ādi).
védya 2 [p= 1017,3] [L=206092]
to be (or being) acquired TS. VS.
1017,3] [L=206093]
» a-v°).
(H2) mfn.
[p= to be learnt or known or understood , that which is learnt
[p= to be recognized or regarded as
[p= relating to the
(H2) mfn.
[p= to be married (

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[Dharana 97] VERSE 122 rim* mm sqic*n fafoftsfa SRTTOrffl II 133 II Vastvantare vedyamane sarvavastusu sunyata / Tam eva manasa dhyatva vidito'pi prasamyati // 122 TRANSLATION When one perceives a particular object, ...
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