The Joyous Meditation Teachings of Lorin Roche

Vijrmbhana-Yawning, Blossoming, opening, expanding, budding, spreading, extension

vi-° jmbhaa [L=195203]
yawning Sus3r.



(H3) n.
[L=195204]opening , expanding , blossoming , budding
[L=195205]spreading , extension
[L=195206]bending , knitting (the brows)

vi-° jmbhā [p= 960,3] [L=195199]
yawning L.
(H3B) f.
vi-° jmbhikā [L=195201]
gasping for breath Ka1d. Sus3r.
vi-° jmbhikā [L=195202]
yawning Sus3r.
(H3B) f.
(H3B) f.

God of desire: tales of Kāmadeva in Sanskrit story literature - Page 55
Catherine Benton - 2006 - 236 pages - Google eBook - Preview
[Specifically] as a result of the arrows Unmada and Vijrmbhana, he could not find contentment, pleasure, or happiness. (6.46-48) Pancalika agreed to take on Siva's torment. So Siva granted him a boon, that whoever saw, touched, ...

Tantrarāja tantra: a short analysis
Sir John George Woodroffe, Puṇyānanda, Naṭānandanātha - 1971 - 245 pages - Snippet view
These two are the going forth (Prasara = Prasarana) or efflorescence (Vijrmbhana ) of the lotus feet, that is, feet which are (S'ri-pada-yuga) of the Mother Tripura. So it has been said : " The light (Mahah = Tejah) of Tripura is (it is ...

The Vivekacūḍāmaṇi of Śaṅkarācārya Bhagavatpāda: an introduction ... - Page 107
John A. Grimes, Śaṅkarācārya - 2004 - 292 pages - Preview
These functional properties of the vital breath (prdna) are known as upaprdnas. ucchvasa = inhalation; nissvasa = exhalation; vijrmbhana = yawning; ksut = hunger; prasyan = secretion; danadyutkramanadi = leaving the body, and so on; ...
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The Presence of Siva - Page 321
Stella Kramrisch - 1994 - 514 pages - Preview
and "Torment" (santapana) Siva noticed Yaksa Pancalika, the son of Kubera, and transferred to Pancalika his insanity, torment, and yawning (vijrmbhana), for he knew Pancalika to be capable of bearing these afflictions (VmP. 6.44-49). ...

  1. Kāmakalāvilāsa
  1. unknown
  1. Puṇyānanda, Naṭanānandanātha, Sir John George Woodroffe - 1961 - 201 pages - Snippet view
  1. Vijrmbhana) of the lotus, feet, that is, feet which are (Sri-pdda-yuga) of the Mother Tripura. So it has been said : "The light (Mahah=Tejah) of Tripura is (it is so ...
    These two are the going forth (Prasara— Prasarana) or efflorescence (
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  1. Avidyā: a problem of truth and reality
  1. unknown
  1. Esther Abraham Solomon, Esther Abraham Solomon - 1969 - 572 pages - Snippet view
  1. vijrmbhana), an imaginary construction (kalpana ), and the various descriptions of the order of creation, etc. are meant for the ...
    The world of appearance with its categories of time,- space, etc. is a manifestation of the mind (mano-