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About Lorin Roche, PhD
Meditation is a natural human experience

Lorin and Camille
“Yoga is a living tradition. Lorin is on the front lines as a meditation teacher, a champion of natural meditation, of awakening consciousness everywhere, in all places, in all times. He is bringing over into the Western world the deepest teachings of Tantra, giving them voice to sing out clearly.” Shiva Rea, Samudra School of Living Yoga

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Lorin began meditating at age 18, in 1968, as part of physiological research at the University of California at Irvine. Throughout the late 1960's and early 1970's he trained subjects for various studies and conducted his own research into what helps meditators to thrive in their practice. Lorin received his Ph.D. in Social Science from the University of California at Irvine in 1987. His doctoral dissertation was about the language meditators come up with to describe their experiences. In other words, the maps they make to navigate their inner worlds. His Master's Degree work focused on the hazards of meditation and the crisis points in a meditator's development.

It's built-in

Meditation is a built-in human instinct. Research indicates that meditation is a way of accessing the body's innate healing responses, a way of quickly entering relaxed alertness, recharging our batteries, and getting back into action, refreshed and renewed. Even the simplest practices give us the ability to rest more deeply than sleep, in a few minutes, allow healing, and emerge refreshed. We all have this ability as part of our survival resources.

It's about rhythm and flow

Life is continually renewing itself through rhythm and flow. Our hearts beat, and blood flows everywhere in the body, a hundred thousand times a day. The blood is infused with oxygen as we breathe twenty thousand times a day. The oxygen we breathe is continually being renewed and refreshed by all the oceans, forests, and plants of the whole world. Our bodies flow through the rhythms of consciousness as we are awake for many hours and then asleep and dreaming for hours. Our health depends on having full access to all these rhythms.

A love relationship with the rhythms of life

All these rhythms of life are intrinsically beautiful. To meditate, notice what you love about the rhythms of life, using any senses you like – touch, vision, balance, motion, smell, taste, hearing, or any combination of senses. Through your senses, pay attention to the rhythms in any way you choose – as the flow of breathing, the pulsing of the heart, the flow of energies in the body, the flow of thought and feeling. The Sanskrit word
mantra means, "tool of thought." Any sensory pathway and any rhythm can be your tool of thought. For example, you could use the sense of hearing, and select a kind of inner music to listen to. We are built to love these processes through which life renews and restores itself. There is no effort required. The skills of meditation involve learning pay attention in an embracing and welcoming manner that is the opposite of what we think of as "concentration." There is an interior sport to meditation in which we learn to be completely at ease and restful while attending to flow. This is the whole trick right here – select something you love to pay attention to, and then go ahead and attend in an effortless manner.

The key to letting meditation be something you want to do every day is to let it be deeply restful and therefore renewing and restoring. There is a set of skills for invoking this state of effortless flow, in which your attention is immersed in a loving relationship with the rhythm of life. This is why we say meditation is a universal human ability, and we have all experienced it many times. The skills of meditation are beautiful and elegant and let us enter these delicious states of renewal in a consistent and reliable way.

Lorin trains meditation teachers around the world in this system which honors human individuality and adaptability. We each have our own unique pathways into our inner worlds. We each need several different techniques to match who we are in our hearts and mind, and how we manifest in our outer life.
The Radiance Sutras is a modern version of a classic meditation text called the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. The text describes 112 basic doorways into meditation and invites us to explore them all, in our own way.

When we enter meditation as individuals and build our practice around what works for us, the whole flow is healthier, more enjoyable, and more beneficial.

In practice, when we take The Radiance Sutras approach, there tend to be various sub-styles:

Instinctive Meditation, the wisdom that comes from within, our homing and navigation instincts.
Freedom Meditation, emphasizing inner and outer freedom.
Passion Meditation, for resting in and expressing the passions, emotions, and desires.
Creative Meditation, for those involved in creative work and projects - here you meditate in order to jump up with fresh ideas and get back to work.
Pranava Meditation, using Sanskrit mantras or other sounds that express inner joy.
Bhavana Meditation, for cultivating qualities of life as you desire.

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Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine

About Camille Maurine

Camille is a dancer and genius at meditation. Her book,
Meditation Secrets for Women, is a must-read. Check out her work at

About The Radiance Sutras
The Radiance Sutras

The Radiance Sutras – 112 Gateways into the Yoga of Wonder & Delight
Sounds True, 2014

"Lorin’s Radiance Sutras evoke spontaneous joyful insights into the nature of reality, self, and existence. I have always felt that there is a passionate heart implicit in the Sanskrit language. Lorin unfolds the underlying significance of the Vijñāna Bhairava text beautifully, revealing layers of meaning woven into poetry to awaken contact with the Soul."
– Deepak Chopra MD

“If you love Rumi, Hafiz, The Tao, if you love words dancing out of the mystery, welcome to The Radiance Sutras: these are among the most profound, exquisite and luminous verses you will ever read.” - Jack Kornfield, Author of A Path With Heart

"Lorin Roche's rendition of the Vijnana Bhairava is truly radiant, filled with insight and poetry, and illumined by the power of his practice." – Sally Kempton

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“If you love Rumi, Hafiz, The Tao, if you love words dancing out of the mystery, welcome to The Radiance Sutras: these are among the most profound, exquisite and luminous verses you will ever read.”
– Jack Kornfield, Author of
A Path With Heart

"I LOVE, I mean I truly LOVE Lorin Roche’s Radiance Sutras; his beautifully poetic rendition of the classic Vijñāna Bhairava text that has been handed down to us by the Kashmir nondual tradition. Lorin offers us a version that should be savored, word-by-word, slowly, deliciously, like the five-star meal it is, that’s served with only the finest and rarest of wines. His words capture the essential perfume of the indescribable mystery that is our essential nature, which has given birth to each of us, that underlies the entire cosmos. The Radiance Sutras is a book that will bring you endless days and nights of delight, joy and wonder. Certainly, this is one book I’d want if ever I was stranded on a desert island. This is a must have for your reading table, to keep close by, to savor, that reminds us of the mystery of love incarnate that we and everything around us is."
– Richard Miller, Author of
Yoga Nidra

"Lorin Roche's rendition of the Vijnana Bhairava is truly radiant, filled with insight and poetry, and illumined by the power of his practice."
– Sally Kempton, author of
Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga

“Like feeling and reading Shakti in print. I read a little bit each day, then close my eyes and do the exercise, or ponder the thought. I let the warm sweet loving words and imagery wash and heal my many layers of self.”
– Lilias Folan, author of
Lilias! Yoga

"Lorin Roche's
Radiance Sutras present the most inspiring translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Sutras I have ever encountered. It is juicy, hip, intelligent, inspiring and the best companion for your daily life. We all need daily reminders to "Celebrate the boundary where body meets infinity.” This book is a must read!
– Margot Anand, author of
The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

"Lorin Roche is a tantric troubadour! His engaging and lively version of The Radiance Sutras captures the joy and spontaneity of the original Sanskrit and is a unique window onto the meditative experience."
– David Gordon White, author of
The Alchemical Body

"Following the contours and resonances of the original Sanskrit terms, Dr. Lorin Roche has created a masterwork of sound and meaning. Building on the classic study of Paul Reps, who recognized the linkage between Buddhism and Kashmir Shaivism, and with homage to Swami Lakshmanjoo, the late great teacher of this sacred Tantric tradition, Roche has titled each verse, given a detailed account of each word, and provided an expansive translation that invites the reader into the state of total presence. Enjoy this work of love!"
– Christopher Key Chapple, Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology and Director, Master of Arts in Yoga Studies, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, author of
Yoga and the Luminous: Patañjali's Spiritual Path to Freedom

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Find What Works For You

There are hundreds of techniques for meditating. The Radiance Sutras describes 112. If you want to thrive in meditation and get the benefits – relaxation in action, clarity of mind, resistance to stress-related illness, a happy heart – then select the techniques that feel natural to you. You will love the ones that go with your nature. You will know when you have found your meditation practice because you are meditating every day and enjoying yourself, and the benefits are flowing throughout your life.

You don’t have to change yourself.
You don’t have to sit still.
You don’t have to sit cross-legged.
You don’t have to make your mind blank.
You don’t have to calm down.
The more real with yourself you are, the better.

The essence of meditation is simple: select some aspect of life’s self-renewing rhythm that you love, and dive in. Allow your love to attract you inward toward the essence of inspiration.

As with any love relationship, there are skills to learn.

Human bodies are naturally good at meditation. It’s a built-in instinct. Learning to meditate is a process of studying your natural pathways, and letting your muscle memory take you inside. This is the easy part.

There are two big challenges in learning to meditate:
1. Finding the technique that suits your individuality. There are thousands of different practices, something for everyone. There is no one technique suitable for everyone.
2. Learning to tolerate the intense sensations that arise in relaxation, because in meditation, you can relax and rest more deeply than in sleep. This happens very quickly, in minutes, because the body knows how to revitalize and heal itself.

If you want to explore meditation and find what works for you, we have great tools: there are wonderful books, audio programs. Guided meditations. Come on in and explore. We offer private sessions, online classes, and retreats.

I have been teaching meditation for more than 40 years and have a Ph.D. in meditation research from the University of California. I delight in helping people find what works for them, out of all the thousands of different approaches to meditation.

Lorin’s Other Sites: is all about the Meditation Teacher Training Certificate Course. is all about the book and online courses. has articles and essays based on The Radiance Sutras, and vocabulary.

Meditation 24-7 has 14 guided audio meditations for your listening pleasure. There are also sections on the 21 senses, the instincts, and the Journey of Meditation. has some notes about pulsation and the theme of the Return.

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