The Joyous Meditation Teachings of Lorin Roche

Puram-City, and also “body”

Kathopanishad; a dialogue with death - Page 205
Swami Chinmayananda - 2006 - 275 pages - Preview
Etad vai tat. y^ puram = city; H+l^l ekddasa = with eleven; 5TC^ dvaram = gates; srsrFT ajasya = of the unborn; ... Puram ekddasa dvaram ( City with Eleven Gates ) — The body with its eleven opening-gates is meant here by the city. ...

Dharma: Its Early History in Law, Religion, and Narrative - Page 231
Alf Hiltebeitel - 2011 - 747 pages - Preview
Ᾱ would seem to echo this Vedic usage also when at 1.22.7 it speaks in Upanisadic terms of the self as “the fort (puram) beyond compare.” G has nothing about a fort, only a sabha (11.17); B mentions “the bolt ofa city gate” (2.6.13) ...

Power Yoga: An Individualized Approach to Strength, Grace, and ...
Ulrica Norberg, Andreas Lundberg - 2011 - 128 pages - Google eBook - Preview
Mani means “jewel” and puramcity,” or, more literally, the realm where your inner force (your “shining jewel”) is located. From here, energy shoots upward and sends light and heat (the fire element dominates this chakra) into the body ...

The self possessed: deity and spirit possession in South Asian ... - Page 289
Frederick M. Smith - 2006 - 701 pages - Google eBook - Preview
Again, through that same process one should enter one's own body [puram]. Hemacandra concludes this interesting account of entering another's body, one of the most detailed I have found in Sanskrit literature, by stating that mastery of ...