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haṭha - violence , force

haha [L=260242]
violence , force (ibc. , ena , and āt , " by force , forcibly ") R. Ra1jat. Katha1s. &c

ibc. and āt , " obstinately , persistently ") Pan5cat. Katha1s.

ibc. , āt , and ena , " necessarily , inevitably , by all means ") MBh. Ka1v. &c

haha-yoga Cat.




Stratiotes L.
(H2) m.
[L=260243]obstinacy , pertinacity (
[L=260244]absolute or inevitable necessity (as the cause of all existence and activity ;
[L=260248]going in the rear of an enemy

Rapine means: the violent seizure of someone's property.
ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French, or from Latin rapina, from rapere ‘seize.’
from Latin rapīna plundering, from rapere to snatch]

Page 1287 of the dictionary:

Westergaard Dhatupatha links: 9.50
hah [p= 1287,1] [L=260241]
Dha1tup. ix , 50 ; prob. artificial) cl.1 P. hahati , to leap , jump  ; 
to be wicked
to treat with violence , oppress (
cf. next)  ; 
to bind to a post.
(H1) (only in