The Joyous Meditation Teachings of Lorin Roche

Meditation is the instinct to savor life's beauty and wonder. The basic motion of attention is as natural as listening to music you love, gazing out over the horizon, or taking a deep breath as you smell something delicious.

This is a weekend devoted to the skills of meditation and teaching meditation. Yoga has given us a wealth of techniques for accessing our inner wisdom. We will be practicing with

Indriya Shakti: knowing the dozen human senses.
The Instincts: homing, adventuring, resting.
Elements (Tattvas) - The richness of Space, Earth, Water, Fire and Air in meditative appreciation.
Desires: how the fire of desire energizes.
Rhythm and Pulsation in meditative experience.
Individuality, we each have different gateways.
Living in both the inner and outer worlds.

The English word "meditation" encompasses four limbs of Yoga - pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi. These are all natural motions of attention. A meditation teacher needs to be perceptive and supple to cooperate with life's impulse toward enlightenment. During the weekend we practice the Eight Competencies of Meditation and their skillful use in teaching.

To be skillful in teaching meditation, there are eight competencies:

1. Indriya Shakti or Sensibility.
2. Instinctual Wisdom.
3. Elemental Adaptability.
4. Embracing Desire.
5. Utilizing Rhythm.
6. Honoring Individuality.
7. Repertoire.
8. Live fully in both worlds.