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Trust Your Instincts
Meditation is a human instinct. Everyone can do it. Everyone has a different path.
The Radiance Sutras presents 112 doorways to meditation –
You can enter through listening to music, energy flows in your body,
making love, breathing, dancing, walking in nature, looking at art,
eating, drinking, sports, and dozens of other. Find your door.

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“If you love Rumi, Hafiz, The Tao, if you love words dancing out of the mystery, welcome to The Radiance Sutras: these are among the most profound, exquisite and luminous verses you will ever read.” – Jack Kornfield, Author of A Path With Heart

"Lorin Roche's rendition of the Vijnana Bhairava is truly radiant, filled with insight and poetry, and illumined by the power of his practice." – Sally Kempton, author of
Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga

“Like feeling and reading Shakti in print. I read a little bit each day, then close my eyes and do the exercise, or ponder the thought. I let the warm sweet loving words and imagery wash and heal my many layers of self.” – Lilias Folan

"Lorin Roche's
Radiance Sutras present the most inspiring translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Sutras I have ever encountered. It is juicy, hip, intelligent, inspiring and the best companion for your daily life. We all need daily reminders to "Celebrate the boundary where body meets infinity.” This book is a must read! – Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy.

"Lorin Roche is a tantric troubadour! His engaging and lively version of The Radiance Sutras captures the joy and spontaneity of the original Sanskrit and is a unique window onto the meditative experience." – David Gordon White, author of
The Alchemical Body

"Following the contours and resonances of the original Sanskrit terms, Dr. Lorin Roche has created a masterwork of sound and meaning. Building on the classic study of Paul Reps, who recognized the linkage between Buddhism and Kashmir Shaivism, and with homage to Swami Lakshmanjoo, the late great teacher of this sacred Tantric tradition, Roche has titled each verse, given a detailed account of each word, and provided an expansive translation that invites the reader into the state of total presence. Enjoy this work of love!" – Christopher Key Chapple, Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology and Director, Master of Arts in Yoga Studies, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.

Here is a sample of the first 15 pages.

Events for 2016

Wild Serenity in Love
Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California
January 24-29, 2016

To live and love fully takes courage and all the inner resources one can muster. Embodied practices such as meditation and movement bolster the heart and inspire the expression of love in all its forms. Life is relationship — with the self, nature, creativity, and one another. Meditation can be defined as intimacy with life. Through meditation we pay attention to the current of vitality and love flowing through us, and ride it inward to our essences. This is an instinctive ability and we all can do it. Nature is wild and serene, and so too is our inner nature. In this approach, you embrace the fullness of being — vastness and vulnerability, sensuality, and surging power. The course alternates sitting and moving meditations that gently awaken the senses, open flow in the body, and stretch the mind in wonder and awe.

This workshop is for everyone on the path of intimacy. Drawing on four decades of teaching and thirty years of relationship, authors Maurine and Roche will share their experience with humor and compassion. If you want to tap into more joy and inspiration, if you long for more intimacy with yourself and others, then perhaps it’s time for Wild Serenity in Love. This course is also useful for those in the helping professions.

Recommended reading: Maurine and Roche, Meditation Secrets for Women; Roche, The Radiance Sutras and Meditation Made Easy.

Esalen is the most physically rejuvenating place I know.

Esalen coast
Registration has opened at Esalen, so put it on your calendar and send me an email - [email protected]

With Coby Kozlowski

“All around you, in every moment the world is offering you a feast for the senses”—

Join this 7-day (6-night) retreat to where we will unplug to plug-in. Come uplift your spirits and tap into the pulse of life as you celebrate, flow, move, dance, surf, play, sing, and meditate like never before.

This is a journey and experience of living life fully, letting the entire self be expressed, and soaking in the bliss of being alive.

During our time together you will experience:

Morning meditation
Silent breakfasts to soak in the joy of a new day
Daily yoga, meditation, or philosophy interactive lectures
Ecstatic Prana Dance
1 surfing lesson and daily beach trips
3 delicious meals a day
Singing your heart out in our ecstatic meditations—bring your instruments to play along!
Free time to journal, explore, receive a spa treatment or join other Costa Rican excursions
Lots of laughing, story telling, wonderful people, and time to simply chill out!
DATES: FEBRUARY 6-12, 2016

Where: Costa Rica Yoga Spa www.costaricayogaspa.com (it is a 10 minute drive away from the beach, but we will have daily beach trips)

sold out

Beyond Tantra: Integrating Science, Spirit and Sexuality
Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California
March 20-25, 2016

Science Spirit and Sexuality

Join Shauna Shapiro, Margo Anand, and Lorin Roche as we weave together ancient wisdom traditions of Tantra and meditation with modern neuroscience. Think of Tantra as a loom – the framework for weaving together the threads of body and soul, spirituality and sexuality, and individuality and universality.

This workshop is designed to expand your understanding of sexual energy to bring about the deepest transformation, joy, and healing. You will be taught simple yet potent meditation and tantric practices to experience the nature of ecstatic vibration as an energy that can be channeled and transformed to bring about greater states of health, creativity, and vitality. You will also learn about revolutionary research in neuroscience that offers this hopeful message: We can change and reshape our brain to live lives of greater energy, ecstasy, compassion, and joy. As a group, we will immerse ourselves in the practice of being fully present, re-training our minds, hearts, and bodies toward pathways of greater sensual aliveness, greater compassion, gratitude, and joy. Esalen’s natural beauty will support us as we engage in sunset meditations, listen to the sounds of the ocean, walk through the vibrant gardens, and open ourselves to the wildness and wisdom of nature. This workshop will deepen our connection with ourselves, one another, and the larger web of life. Be prepared for unexpected delight.

Please note: This is a meditation workshop, we will be wearing clothes.

register here

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Find What Works For You

There are hundreds of techniques for meditating. The Radiance Sutras describes 112. If you want to thrive in meditation and get the benefits – relaxation in action, clarity of mind, resistance to stress-related illness, a happy heart – then select the techniques that feel natural to you. You will love the ones that go with your nature. You will know when you have found your meditation practice because you are meditating every day and enjoying yourself, and the benefits are flowing throughout your life.

You don’t have to change yourself.
You don’t have to sit still.
You don’t have to sit cross-legged.
You don’t have to make your mind blank.
You don’t have to calm down.
The more real with yourself you are, the better.

The essence of meditation is simple: select some aspect of life’s self-renewing rhythm that you love, and dive in. Allow your love to attract you inward toward the essence of inspiration.

As with any love relationship, there are skills to learn.

Human bodies are naturally good at meditation. It’s a built-in instinct. Learning to meditate is a process of studying your natural pathways, and letting your muscle memory take you inside. This is the easy part.

There are two big challenges in learning to meditate:
1. Finding the technique that suits your individuality. There are thousands of different practices, something for everyone. There is no one technique suitable for everyone.
2. Learning to tolerate the intense sensations that arise in relaxation, because in meditation, you can relax and rest more deeply than in sleep. This happens very quickly, in minutes, because the body knows how to revitalize and heal itself.

If you want to explore meditation and find what works for you, we have great tools: there are wonderful books, audio programs. Guided meditations. Come on in and explore. We offer private sessions, online classes, and retreats.

I have been teaching meditation for more than 40 years and have a Ph.D. in meditation research from the University of California. I delight in helping people find what works for them, out of all the thousands of different approaches to meditation.

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